Thank you for showing an interest in stem cell therapy with exosomes. You’re on the right track for stem cell care if you are interested.
There are 2 types of stem cells we provide: your stem cells Or umbilical stem cells. Yours come from a small extraction of fat in your love handles, yours are in the hundreds of millions, yours require travel for the fast outpatient procedure, and yours cost $10,000.
The other type are not yours, they are umbilical cord stem cells and may not require travel. They are in the tens of millions. These cost $3500- $6,000 per injection depending on protocol and location.
The labs that are required before you receive stem cell therapy most insurances cover. They are quite affordable if you don’t have insurance. For those screening lab tests, their interpretation, and for Dr. Allingham to find a doc in your area to deploy them, there is a $500 fee at this time which will be applied to your stem cell care. Please fill out the form below.
If you get the labs and decide against stem cell therapy, they are great health care screening that can help your physician care for you.
Once you are ready your provider may use Exosomes to signal your stem cell therapy.