iEXOSOMES.com does not claim that therapy using any biologics is a cure or
prevent for any condiion, disease or injury. All statement and opinions provided
are for educaional and informaional purposes only and we do not diagnose or
give medical not legal advises. EXOSOME should not be used with pa;ents that
have cancer, macular degeneraions with neovasculariza;on, acute bacterial
infec;ons recent dental surgeries sickle cell disease, bone marrow sysplas;ca,
myeloprolifera;ve disease, suspicious of tumor, primary pulmonary
hypertension. Individuals interested in any cellular or cell free regeneraive
medicine therapy are urged to review all per;nent informa;on and do their own
research and due diligence before choosing to par;cipate in any therapies.
Please consult with your physician for further informa;on .